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Explore Travel is the travel agency that pushes conventional tourism to a new stage – that of traveling to the essence of things. For this reason, we go for the authentic, for the melding of the traveler in his new environment. We cherish travelers that don’t visit cities just for the sake of doing so, those that try to mold their passion for traveling into a new and unforgettable journey. And we’re just like them.We travel because we want to discover new things, be it at Covent Garden or in the Antananarivo Central Plaza. With each new journey, we seek out the new and the unconventional – so we can take you somewhere exciting. Even in a city you’ve visited before.

We do this by delving deeply into the culture of the regions we visit and by living there, for a few days, as if we were locals. Wherever you decide to go, we’re bound to find an authentic way of experiencing it. We’re glad to know you’re with us and that, together, we can become locals anywhere.

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